Historical italian shoes by Graziano dal Barco

Historical Shoes on commission


Over the years, in the world of historical reenactors, I have had the pleasure to meet and know many persons I could compare with and grow professionally.

Thanks to a continuous exchange of information I have been able to store precious details and documentation essential in my job.

When someone contacts me and asks me for a particular pair of shoes seen in a painting, in an iconography, or secretly photographed in a museum, I feel stimulated both as a craftsman and as a researcher and I face the new challenge with enthusiasm.

The direct relationship that is established with the customer is fundamental because the comparison of information and assumptions always leads to interesting and unique projects.

My work as a craftsman specialized in historic footwear is based on constant research and experimentation to create a real and experimental laboratory where, and this is the aspect that most fascinates me, I try to answer all the several questions and issues that arise when I try to produce these shoes.

Sharing these moments with the customer, letting him take part in the choice of lines, shapes, materials, sewing techniques but also in the attention to detail, is one of the aspects of my job which I like most.

It is very gratifying to see the customer who happily wears my shoes, and it is even a greater satisfaction to see him again after some time to make some maintenance to the shoes or to realize a new project.